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While doing other work at the NCAD building in downtown Tacoma, Washington, we noticed contractors entering the building preparing to install a intricate drainage system to remove water that was entering the building from an unknown source. Other contractors had come to the building to resolve the water leakage, but they had no success in stopping it.

Immediately we asked for the opportunity to investigate the cause of the water leakage, and upon being given permission from the building owner, we began to identify potential water sources. Bringing in a local architectural firm which specializes in water intrusion, we began to scientifically identify the water sources, and where they were coming from. Within a couple short days, we had plan to stop the water.

Water was being pushed by wind though voids in the wall on the first and second floor of the building allowing water to push through the wall with the pressure created as wind blew between the large buildings in the area. The added atmospheric pressure was pushing the rain water through the wall as it ran down the face of the building.

Some of the challenges faced in this project were complex, but some were simple. Working in the city, these types of projects often require large equipment, specialized contractors, permits, parking, tennant coordination, noise management, dust control, and much more.


Our team established a plan and worked with all parties involved put a plan together to work in one of the busiest public walkways in downtown Tacoma. 

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