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Carbon River Builders specializes in industrial grade coatings, from roof coatings, waterproofing, fluid applied floors, and painting, we will get you covered. We offer a full product line of specialty coatings to tackle your toughest projects. We work on Commercial, Industrial, and Residential projects and more. Whether you have a leaking roof, wet basement, or you want the ultimate entertaining space, we have a system designed specifically for your needs. 

Epoxy Floor Coverings

Carbon River Builders offers installations for the full range of Elite Crete Systems Flooring Products, including seamless floors, performance flooring, floor resurfacing, restoration repair systems and decorative finishes. Our versatile range of commercial, industrial and residential flooring solutions combine proven technologies with industry-driving innovation.


Elite Crete’s speciality in resinous floor coating products, fluid-applied flooring, decorative concrete surfaces, and concrete surface restoration will have any space from commercial to residential looking and functioning better than you every thought it could. 

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