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Commercial projects often present their own challenges. Perception of a project starts the moment you file for public notice, and the public begins to form an opinion of your business before you even break ground. Carbon River Builders believes in working with the community and the local jurisdiction to create a minimal impact to the community during the life cycle of the project. 


We do this by partnering with the local officials early in the project to ensure we address any challenges during the planning phase rather than during construction. We believe building this transparent partnership along with maintaining the best possible image while under construction will help you open your new space in the best atmosphere for your business to thrive. 


With projects managed nationwide, Carbon River Builders can offer project management, consultation services for new construction, and tenant improvement projects. We can also offer new store set up services as well as maintenance and repair project management across the United States.




Working on the demolition of the buildings existing 7th floor mechanical room for a facility wide heating upgrade at  the NCAD building in downtown Tacoma Washington, we noticed contractors entering the building preparing to install a intricate drainage system. The system was intended to remove water that was entering the building from an unknown source. Other contractors had come to the building to resolve the water leakage, but they had no success in stopping it.

Immediately we asked for the opportunity to investigate the cause of the water leakage, and upon being given permission from the building owner, we began to identify potential water sources. Bringing in a local architectural firm which specializes in water intrusion, we began to scientifically identify the water sources, and where they were coming from. Within a couple short days, we had a plan. 


Water was being pushed by wind though voids in the wall on the first and second floor of the building. The added atmospheric pressure was pushing the rain water through the wall as it ran down the face of the building. 

Some of the challenges faced in this project were complex, but some were simple. Working in the city, these types of projects often require large equipment, specialized contractors, permits, parking coordination, tenant coordination, noise management, dust control, and much more.


Our team established a plan and worked with all parties involved to complete the project in one of the busiest public walkways in downtown Tacoma. 

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